Cleaning Services

The best cleaning provides your building with an amazing finishing touch and great looking buildings deserve extra ordinary service. With dust, dirt and grime covering most of the surfaces following any construction project, you want a company that can transform your workspace and give it the attention it deserves.

Moving can both be exciting and stressful. It's worthwhile getting your end of tenancy clean done early, to ensure that you get your home perfectly clean before the final inspection. That way, you stand a better chance of getting your deposit back. You can either opt to hire a professional end of tenancy cleaning company or do it yourself.

Despite your best efforts at cleanliness, your carpets will eventually become the victim of accidents, spills, drops, and other dirt. They accumulate dirt with time. Other people prefer to replace their carpets rather than cleaning them. It is their choice considering that it is their carpet. However, many reasons account for cleaning carpets,

The first thing anyone notices when he or she enters a vicinity is the prevailing floor. Depending on the type of finish every room has, special care has to be performed on all. From vanishing to scrubbing and gentle cleaning, Keep It Kleen LTD aims at taking care of your floor in the best possible ways.

We have perfected the art of cleaning different types of floors. From our years of experience working for different homes and organizations, we have learned how to maintain and work on every type of floors.

Some stains last even after construction, on screeds or Parquet, we will remove any stains and leave behind no defects. Our special cleaning machines are able to handle the floors with ease, this saves on time and convenience.

We perform our floor cleaning expertise in enclosed and open areas. No matter the size of the site, we will clean being as silent as possible as not to interrupt the operations of the organization. We will take care of your finish and electrical cables. Our professional advice shall be provided to the client on how to maintain the floor.

Keep It Kleen LTD is flexible and we will work with the convenience of the client.