Cleaning Services




Keep it Kleen Ltd is a premier Commercial and Domestic Cleaning and Chores Solution Provider based in Nairobi; engaged in providing state of the art & tailor made cleaning solutions to a wide range of clientele.

Keep It Kleen Ltd aims at providing high quality commercial cleaning and maintenance services, post construction cleaning priding ourselves with being associated with the best construction companies in Kenya, domestic housekeeping, Laundry and ironing services to the very busy professionals, households, offices, and the elderly and busy singles constrained by time amongst others constraints.

We at Keep It Kleen LTD are here to offer professional cleaning services. Professional cleaning involves the aid of a firm or organization to take up the role of cleaning in your facility or home. Most of the time at a residential level, people arrive home while tired after a day’s job. By the end of the week, all we want to do is relax and rest. This reduces the time we have for cleaning which is a necessity for a home. Keep It Kleen LTD has taken up the role of helping people clean in their own residence in the comfort of their seats.

For corporations, the outsourcing of cleaning services has become very popular. Since no one in the office has the time to clean and be productive, the help of a cleaning company will remove the burden of cleaning providing a conducive environment for work.

Cleanliness brings about productivity and increases the level of happiness ina company and home. We all deserve to be in a hygienic environment.
Some of the cleaning services we provide include:
•    Floor cleaning
•    Window cleaning
•    Post construction cleaning
•    After party cleaning
•    Domestic cleaning

“ We are used to cleaning the outside house, but the most important house to clean is yourself - your own house - which we never do.”     
Marina Abramovic

Any cleaning which has to be done as part of the day-to-day running of someone’s home – this is domestic cleaning. Despite all the social and technological changes which housework has seen over the last century, it remains a physically demanding activity.

Would you like to one day, walk to your window and just stand to amaze of how clean and clear it is? Then Keep It Kleen LTD is the company for you.
We pride in giving that finishing touch that will leave you ogling for more cleaning at your premises. We have perfected the art of cleaning windows to a point you will doubt your eyes on whether or not a window is present at the vicinity!

Having clean windows far-reaching benefits for your home and you. Did you know clean windows actually act as an energy saver? Yes, this is true. Clean windows help in the accommodation of more sunlight into rooms thus supplementing renewable energy. In a world where we value energy conservancy, this will come in handy.
We have expounded our expertise into homes and offices.

For a bonus, we shall provide a tip when it comes to cleaning;
Aluminum Windows and Frames
•    To clean aluminum frames, we should use a scouring pad and liquid soap. After doing your rinsing to the frames, pour some few droplets of vegetable oil to the tracks of the window. Move the window up and down for the distribution of oil over the frame area.

Keep It Kleen LTD will value your time and money to provide the best cleaning services and options available. We provide advice on how to effectively clean their windows after completion of work. If any glazing or tampering of windows is done by our stuff, we offer to cater for all damages.
Our hope is that our clients will always be satisfied with the services we provide.

Having trouble cleaning after last nights event? or was it a birthday party then ended up being messy?

After a long day or night of fun the last thing you want to do is start cleaning up after the people.

keep It Kleen LTD will help you solve this tiresome struggling work. We provide the best services having very qualified personnel with years of training and experience to leave everything looking spic and span to your liking.

All garbage collected will be used for recycling thus creating a healthier environment for us all. Our team will arrive on scene at the requested time and start working promptly with all gadgets available. Moving and arranging of items will also be facilitated by our team.

Our services include;

  • Deep cleaning in the bathroom and toilet facilities
  • Thoroughly cleaning kitchen surfaces
  • Cleaning mirrors
  • Scrub and disinfect bathroom floors
  • Empty all bins
  • Cleaning fronts of cupboards
  • Cleaning kitchen sink
  • Cleaning stove top
  • Vacuuming and washing of hard floors
  • Clearing the lawn

We recommend Keep It Kleen for perfection and diligence.