Any cleaning which has to be done as part of the day-to-day running of someone’s home – this is domestic cleaning. Despite all the social and technological changes which housework has seen over the last century, it remains a physically demanding activity.

No wonder more and more people are choosing to seek help around their homes by hiring cleaners and cleaning-service providers.

Hiring Keep It Kleen LTD helps you save on time and the hustles of cleaning your own premises.

Why should you get tired trying to organise things around your house, back yard or even the parking lot, when you could hire people to help you clean at affordable rates while you rest? You may have more time to spend with your family and kids on a weekend or on your day off and still have things well organised in your house and live in a clean environment.

Some cleaning done in homes need to be professionally done. This include coach or sofa set cleaning, car block cleaning, handling of windows and brittle areas of the premises.

With our team of well-trained professionals, we offer the best cleaning packages. Better still, we are liable of anything that goes wrong or a miss while our people are on site. We have uniformed members who are eloquent in all areas thus breaking the communication barrier between the client and the workers.

Keep It Kleen LTD offers a personalised touch to your home. As the client, you are able to decide on what group of people you would prefer to work on your home so as to feel safe and more comfortable.

Having a work experience of over 6 years, we have gained trusted clients and many accolades in the course of our work. Our clients have become more of our families as we strive to offer the best cleaning services. We aim never to disappoint.